SPAB Magazine

Published quarterly since 1980 is sent to 8200 members plus national press, leading opinion formers, Government departments and other heritage bodies. The readership includes architects, surveyors, town planners, local authority conservation officers, engineers, builders, draughtsmen and interior designers. Over 60% live in old or historic houses. It is an excellent medium for reaching property developers, specifiers of technical building products and those who provide a wide range of services for the conservation of old buildings. It is also a very effective way to reach an audience of educated and dedicated members, committed to looking after their buildings in the best way All subscribers receive with SPAB Magazine, a Properties List of Old Buildings for Sale in Need of Repair.

The Society
Founded by William Morris in 1877, the SPAB is the largest, oldest and the most technically expert national pressure group campaigning to preserve old buildings. It has a firm set of principles based on conservative repair, respect for the past, traditional materials, etc. Conservation activities are backed up by repair courses and highly regarded technical leaflets. The SPAB is a charity (Registered Charity No 231307) supported by central government. By law, the Society must be notified about plans to demolish a listed building. The Society also receives a large number of notifications which relate to proposed alterations.

The benefits of advertising in SPAB Magazine
SPABís status as a leading authority on the conservation of old buildings and the magazineís reputation as a work of reference help to prolong the life of an advertisement. Access to a well-defined and high quality audience of professionals who will specify or recommend and to house owners who will use your products and services. SPAB Technical Enquiry Telephone Line encourages historic house owning members to use the most suitable materials including products and services advertised in the magazine. Readers are aware that although the SPAB will not endorse any company, all advertisers are vetted for relevance and understanding of SPAB principles. Read by most of the well-known historic building conservation specialists in the UK, SPAB Magazine is a 72-88 page full colour magazine with 80-90 regular advertisers.

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