London Landscapes Newsletter

London Landscapes is the tri-annual newsletter of the London Parks & Gardens Trust. Published in March, July and December each year it is dispatched to all members of the Trust and has a wide circulation amongst landscape architects, restoration project managers, head gardeners, heritage organisations, local authority conservation departments, libraries, museums and societies, National Trust Gardens and County Garden Trusts.

Members of the Trust are working in management of open spaces within the heritage/ historic environment sector or individuals with an interest in maintaining Londonís parks and gardens. The Newsletter, London Landscapes is used by members as a vital source of information.

The Opportunity
London Landscapes offers advertisers an opportunity to directly target this unique specialist marketplace consisting of 2000 professionals, individuals and groups who are actively involved in planning, maintaining and restoring London's parks and gardens.

The Trust's objectives
Formed in May 1994 as an independent charitable trust, with specific objectives to raise awareness of the value of historic open green spaces throughout Greater London and to conserve and enhance them for the education and enjoyment of the public. 

Practical Assistance
The Trust offers practical assistance for specific projects, where public benefit can be assured, by giving specialist advice and support to local groups for research, survey, design and management plans which promote the conservation of historic gardens and parks.

Members of the Trust are professionals working in research, teaching and management of open spaces within the heritage/historic environment sector. They include landscape architects, garden designers, garden historians, senior academics, garden researchers, planners, park managers, head gardeners, charity managers, journalists, press and PR. They also include owners of gardens both large and small, and others who have an interest in maintaining London's parks and gardens.

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