Historic House

Historic House, the quarterly magazine of the Historic Houses Association is published in February, May, August and November and is sent to all members: 2,300 ‘Full Members’ and 24,800 ‘Friends’. The HHA represents a group of individualistic and diverse properties ranging from palaces and castles to small manor houses including virtually all the finest historic houses and estates in Britain.

Advertising in Historic House
The magazine provides vital information to historic house owners about the issues that concern them, and is used as a method of communication for Members of the Association and for those offering products and services a means of contact with potential and existing clients. 

The Members of the Association collectively represent a large and financially significant market when one takes into account the wide range of services and products they buy for the preservation, upkeep and maintenance of the properties and estates that they manage; and also the leisure facilities that many provide for the entertainment of the public visiting their properties.

For information of advertising in Historic House please contact Mariam Oakley on 01462 896688 or email: 

Loose Inserts
Historic House offers an extremely successful loose insert service, providing an opportunity to reach either "Full" Members or Friends, or both, at a fraction of the cost of a direct mailing. Standard charges apply for inserts up to 15 gms in weight. Heavier inserts are accepted subject to a separate quotation which will be based on weight.

The Association
Formed in 1973, the HHA represents a group of highly individualistic and diverse properties ranging from palaces and castles to small manor houses.
The Association has in it’s membership over 1,600 such properties, including virtually all the finest historic houses and estates in Britain. 
The Association's concerns include not only the buildings themselves but also their contents and surrounding landscapes. Broad advice is available to Members via its quarterly magazine Historic House, advisory manuals, a programme of seminars and through a team of specialist consultants. Key issues in which the HHA is currently engaged include Capital Gains Tax relief, VAT on listed buildings repairs, Inheritance Tax, planning consent for listed buildings, statutory listing of chattels, statutory listing of gardens.
There are four categories of membership:

Full Members 
Private owners of houses and gardens throughout the United Kingdom, including corporate or institutional bodies. The properties will be architecturally important, sometimes with historic connections and generally listed.

Next Generation Members 
Sons and daughters of owners or individuals in line to inherit (whether the present owner belongs to the Association or not).

Corporate Members
Professional and commercial companies, heritage bodies, museums and galleries, curators and conservators whose business is involved with historic houses/landscapes.

Individuals or families who do not own historic houses but who have an interest in and enjoy visiting them and their gardens and subscribe to the aims of the Association. They form a body of enlightened support.

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