The High Sheriff

The High Sheriff is the bi-annual magazine of the High Sheriffs’ Association of England & Wales. Published bi-annually in June and December it provides members with news and information about events, the magazine highlights the aims and achievements of National Crimebeat, the Butler Trust awards to the Prison Service staff and money education projects like Debt-Cred and Credit Action. 

Members of the Association are influential men and women of social standing in their local community. They use a wide variety of high quality and specialist services, especially during their term of Office as High Sheriff. Many past and present High Sheriffs manage or run their own business.

The Office of High Sheriff
The Office of High Sheriff is at least 1,000 years old, and is the oldest continuous secular crown appointment. Today, the duties are mainly formal, traditional and symbolic. They include, Returning Officer function at parliamentary elections and the well being of circuit judges. It is an unpaid, non-political Office with an important role in promoting and supporting public services in the country, such as the Police/Ambulance/Fire/ Probation and Prison service. When he or she is appointed, a High Sheriff will be occupied full time during the year in Office. The Association of High Sheriffs has a membership of 1000+ comprising past and present High Sheriffs, and those in nomination. The Association encourages members to be active in their local community to improve the morale of those working in voluntary and statutory bodies, especially in the field of Law and Order. National Crimebeat, the Association’s own charity for children and young people, is well known for its work in crime prevention and the development of an anti-crime culture.

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